Howdy from Texas!

Our recent Destin trip!
Our recent Destin trip!

(no, we don’t really talk that way…well, maybe sometimes) I’m Brenda Haire. I’m a writer, dreamer, wife, mother and adventure seeker. Don’t let that last one scare you. I don’t do extreme sports or anything, I just enjoy pushing myself out of the comfort zone and into the God zone.

This blog was created to answer the many questions we get about our adventures. I will also share reflections on the journey of life, faith and love.

People say, “I am not creative. How do I plan such exciting trips?”


“We couldn’t afford to travel like that.”


“We just don’t have the time to travel.”

What we have found through our experiences could change your life. We will share with you tips, tricks and information on how to find places that interest you, how to save money and use the time you have. This isn’t extreme vacationing. We aren’t traveling the world, in fact, we currently don’t have the desire to travel outside of the United States and often visit the same areas.

We have found that many families get sucked in to the tourist traps and pay hundreds of dollars a day to vacation and then can’t vacation again for years because they are still paying off the last one. We will help you avoid this giving you practical tips to plan vacations every year!

I publish new articles weekly if not a couple times a week. I am looking to serve YOU, my reader. To make sure you don’t miss a thing you can sign up for updates below.

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More about us

My husband, Darren and I fell in love with hiking in 2006 on our first trip together in the Smoky Mountains. Darren is from North Carolina originally. As a child, his family alternated their vacations between the Smoky Mountains and Myrtle Beach. His love of the mountains is what I call homegrown. I am from Texas and we don’t have mountains. (everything isn’t bigger in Texas but don’t tell anyone I said that)

As a child, my family vacationed in Port Aransas, Texas. I have traveled and hiked in other places but my real love for hiking was born in the Smoky Mountains. Darren loves planning our trips. I think I had him hooked when I cried in awe of a huge tree in Roaring Fork (again bigger than Texas) on one of our first hikes. His favorite hobby has become planning our next trip or next three.

We have been blessed to be able to travel and we are frugal about it. We enjoy the mom and pop places. Since we spend most of the time in nature when we travel our biggest expenses are room, meals and transportation. We own a timeshare in the Smoky Mountains but we also enjoy staying in odd little cabins Darren finds.

The growing Haire Family
The growing Haire Family

We currently live in Northeast Texas. We are a blended family of five and growing. Our two oldest children are both engaged to be married. Our youngest is graduating from high school a year early so we will soon have an empty nest. We also have two Jack Russells, and numerous dog/house sitters to hold down the fort when we are away.

We have been a part of LifePoint Fellowship Church since moving to this area in 2008. I have been teaching a co-ed bible study in our home since 2009. In my spare time I enjoy reading nonfiction, journaling, dancing and lifting weights. Darren enjoys sports, and planning our hikes. Together we enjoy, family game nights, movies, walking 2-4 miles each evening and recently took up cycling.

We are both United States Air Force veterans. Darren served for 15 years active duty. I served two years active and two in the Reserves.

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I built my blog on WordPress.org. My blog is hosted on BlueHost. It is easy-to-use, inexpensive and reliable. It came to me highly recommended. I set it up in a matter of minutes and was posting the same day. If I can, you can!


We are just regular folks doing regular things. If you try any of the things we blog about, you are on your own. We are not liable in any way. We are only sharing our experiences.